Who is our Client ?
Our network of partners complements our own expertise and covers vast areas of technology.
Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Startups need a technology foundation upon which to build their business growth. Oftentimes, and rightly so, they are focused on building their core businesses and marketing plans and have neither the expertise, nor the capacity, to think about technology. Like larger enterprises, SMBs need the full skill set of a CIO, but on a part-time or smaller scope, thus eliminating the need for a full-time senior IT executive on staff.

This is where the on-demand CIO Advisory service becomes a clear win, to help startups focus on their commercial plans. With innov8 IT putting an IT landscape in place, back office operations will be enabled, and, more importantly, commercial activities will be fueled, from managing customer relationships to digital marketing and customer engagement models.

Once your IT ecosystem is implemented and functioning to your satisfaction, you can then benefit from our subscription-based, timeshare-like Virtual CIO services, to keep you going without the need to worry about IT support.

Large Enterprises

Companies with existing IT frameworks often struggle to keep a balance between daily IT support needs, and looking at their technology investments from a strategic perspective. With the ubiquitous proliferation of, and dependence on, technology to conduct every aspect of business, IT leaders face more demand for transformative initiatives than they might have capacity for. Additionally, many IT leaders find that their time is consumed with tactical operations, that they hardly have time to drive a strategic vision for the future. The CIO Advisory service allows them to broaden their personal and organizational capacity by consulting with a peer, thus expanding their bandwidth. This service offers CIOs another set of seasoned and experienced eyes to facilitate their thinking through the strategic workload, as well as provide them with the background work to share with their executive teams. The CIO Advisor partners with CIOs and works in the background with the sole objective of enabling their success.

innov8 IT is a privately owned company that was established to meet a growing need for technology in the small and medium-size business (SMBs) sector.
We partner with our clients to seize opportunities presented by advancement in technology, solve their IT challenges and propose initiatives for future growth, all within a ‘shared economy’ framework, that offers them cost avoidance benefits. Take the first step! Let us help you grow...