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We specialize in creating technology solutions to align with your business goals
What we offer!
innov8 IT specializes in creating technology solutions that fuel your business goals, ranging from efficiencies and cost savings, to revenue and market share growth. We do this by understanding your business environment and exploiting emerging digital technologies that meet and exceed your expectations.
CIO Advisory

This service is ideal for:

  1. Companies in the startup phase that want to establish their technology platforms and leverage emerging trends but do not need an expensive full-time IT leader, and
  2. Established companies with a CIO who is dealing with more demand than they have bandwidth to support. We extend the capacity of your CIO and help them with their strategic workload.

Our CIO Advisory services span the entire remit of the Chief Information Officer and can increase the business value you get from technology through:

  1. IT strategy alignment and technology roadmaps
  2. Governance process
  3. Digital customer engagement model
  4. Transformative initiatives (ERP, BI & Analytics, CRM, etc.)
  5. Change management
  6. Effective organizational design
  7. Vendor contract negotiations
  8. Coaching and development.
Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) often have the same technology needs as large enterprises to grow and prosper. However, most small and growing companies do not have a need for a full-time IT executive on staff. Enter innov8 IT with its Virtual CIO (vCIO) service offering. The vCIO service is a subscription that provides clients with a block of hours to:

  1. Manage their day-to-day IT support needs
  2. Hold technology providers and vendors accountable to high degrees of service levels
  3. Escalate issues with the service providers
  4. Verify IT vendor invoices
  5. Find opportunities to consolidate technologies and vendors and save costs.

This service is ideal for SMBs who have no IT staff or have a mid-level IT professional and feel they need a higher-level perspective for direction and oversight. This is consistent with the shared economy trend of multiple users sharing the same asset. The vCIO helps in areas that require senior expertise and can provide directions to the junior staff for execution and follow up.

Think Uber and Airbnb but for IT executive expertise. You only pay a small percentage of a full-time equivalent and get access to mature and senior experience. Two types of subscriptions are available depending on your needs: 15-hour or 30-hour monthly blocks. Other subscriptions can be customized to fit your specific situation.

Interim CIO

The Interim CIO service is ideal for companies going through a CIO transition and need temporary oversight of their day-to-day IT support and in-flight projects, while they conduct a thorough search to permanently fill this critical role. We provide temporary CIO services on a contract basis so that your business is not impacted. We manage ongoing projects, technology support needs and vendor relationships, then provide a transition plan to onboard the new hire. We will also offer recommendations to realign the IT function and strategy for the new CIO to consider, thereby accelerating their successful onboarding.

innov8 IT is a privately owned company that was established to meet a growing need for technology in the small and medium-size business (SMBs) sector.
We partner with our clients to seize opportunities presented by advancement in technology, solve their IT challenges and propose initiatives for future growth, all within a ‘shared economy’ framework, that offers them cost avoidance benefits. Take the first step! Let us help you grow...